Visual Not Linguistic

Start by putting yourselves in the shoes of a film directors ,describe the big picture , zoom in and sketch out the overview  set the scene and then populate .

  • Thinks in pictures not words .-Recommended Video  lectures or training for playback – Add variety to your library of assets by outsourcing content generation to a third parties released under a creative commons license . We can recommended The youtube education video maker sprouts . As a sponsor we think there content is exceptional . .
  • Sometimes you need to remove distraction , sometimes it helps to look away to maintain auditory focus. Don’t be afraid of the mp3 . Visual is better but blended is optimal. Used early on the spoken word can play a role in capturing attention in firing the imagination . When it comes to the spoken word remember , emotion always trumps logic and simplicity always trumps complexity .
  • A highly visual dramatic presentation style reliant on imagery is an asset backed up by visual cues and materials .
  • To develop  deep fundamental understanding visualizers often need to consciously activate the visual spatial sketch pad . Paint picture with words use visual metaphors tell stories . Like a place kicker visualisation is a skill that needs to be cultivated and practiced .
  • Can’t listen , write and remain engaged , one or the other learns best from seeing .Remembers and engages best using short hand note taking which uses pictures and doodles concept webs process and mind maps .Training in mind or concept mapping skills .