Who are we aimed at

  • Divergent rather than  convergent minds  – Minds good at generating lots of OPTIONS and IDEAS are often not good at following set procedure and solving problems by breaking things down using CLASSIFICATION and ORGANISATION . .
  • Upside Down Thinkers – Einstein had difficulty with simple calculations .For him , for adults and children just like him might struggle with spelling , relatively speaking the easy tasks   can be hard . Bottlenecks can form   . Mastery of the simple material often requires little more than rote memorisation with little engagement .
  • Challenged Public Speakers – Neither Einstein or Newton were renowned lecturers .  Tired or under pressure  it can be   hard to find the right words to make a coherent argument .That maybe the price you have to pay . If you absolutely have to speak in public. I can recommend as a starting text Carmine Gallo excellent audio book Talk Like Ted -The 9 principles of public speaking and of course practice , practice , practice [see the Feynman method ]
  • Specialists – Often observed but not understood, peaks and valleys in aptitudes can render IQ and aptitude tests meaningless   we are not supposed to be decathletes .