Ideas not Format

The generation game – Material that is learned but not systematically committed to memory  might as well  never have been learned in the first place . The flip side material that is successfully stored in long term memory forms the foundation of further learning .

    • Attention is a scarce resource . You can create a foundation , frame the problem and highlight a positive outcome; when you share a story from a different industry . For a deep dive; into this subject we recommend; Paul A Smith; accessible short course Training With Stories; from linked in learning .
    • Rote memorization , drill practice or repetition is not best practice , it’s the lazy solution not the best solution   .
    • Turn learning into memories – to facilitate deep learning get creative  and trigger internal generation  of  ideas . The goal  to encourage  ownership of  content  .
    • Information needs to be meaningful and related to the  real world in a concrete way   .
    • In comedy and politics [apparently] timing is everything   – A creative twist on the fable of the tortoise and the hare  becomes the story of Joe Biden  and Donald [stop the count] Trump.
    • We are all self obsessed  our own voice always shouts the loudest  make a virtue of it .
    • Avoid myopic focus – Don’t get bogged down in weeds  . Square pegs in round holes are likely to make procedural errors in computation grammar , spelling and punctuation . Focus on the big picture and let it go .