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Executive Function [60m]

FREE REGISTRATION REQUIRED : BIO HACKING : :Part 1 : Course 1 - EXECUTIVE FUNCTION MOBILE & FREE For A Limited Time Bundled Rrp $185 alongside digital skills 91% OF CEO's say they need to strengthen soft skills : Organisation , Time Management . Written and Communication skills .

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Foundations [30m]

FREE NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED : A revolution in education and training practices . A system fit for the many not the few . Simple , Safe , Proven , Drug Free & Permanent : A future VR application - Study longer , Take in more , boost your grades , get a salary bump , earn a promotion . Become Invest-able . 10X the Storage , 10X the Duration . 10X the Connection . Materials in this course include . The abridged ABC podcast the Einstein Gene . Learn from Einstein's fascinating backstory and his genuine struggle with education .Learn why you need to act before it is too late , before you are railroaded , before your identity is set in stone . Access Our FREE Publishing Guidelines . This is Water [ David Foster Wallace ] . Access Our FREE ONE PAGE DIY GUIDE . The 5 Proven Steps for better FOCUS, WORKING MEMORY & EFFICIENT TIME MANAGEMENT .

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Bio Hacking [60m]

PAID REGISTRATION REQUIRED :BIO HACKING : Course 3 : Core Skills Training : Course Content : HOW TO LEVERAGE Nero-PLASTICITY AND BUILD COGNITIVE RESERVE: 1 : INTERACTIVE 2 : ASSESSMENT BASED 3 : GAMIFIED How to Boost [Real World] Working Memory . The holy grail of education and training practices – Learn how to wake up dormant attention and learning centres within the brain. Form stronger synaptic pathways and connections in response to learning and experience . Clinically proven , No Bio Chemical Hacks . No Implants .

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