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alongside digital skills 91% OF CEO’s say they need to strengthen soft skills : Organisation , Time Management . Written and Communication skills

The M.O.A.T Framework


Duration : 60 minutes
Course level : Introductory –

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Education level : HE / University / Corporate
Delivery method : Online
Quantity: 1 Course Cost : RRP $185 [TIME LIMITED OFFER $ FREE FOR 12 DAYS ACCESS ]

A 90 Second Preview [note since making this video we have updated design, overall UI experience , optimized for mobile and added a focus mode]

Learning without  thinking is useless. Thinking without learning is dangerous

Fear of the having to learn something completely NEW … of not meeting long term expectations . Fear of failure is a huge emotional driver but also a huge source of stress for employees, students, managers and entrepreneurs .The FBI negotiater and best selling author of Never Split The Difference Chris Voss talks intelligently about a need to identify the black swan

Your still have a choice resist change or recognise inherant capacity limitations do something about it become more productive become more investable .

If  antidepressant medications = CBT : Our drug free courses = smart drugs

In just 60 minutes we lay out the M:O:A:T framework. A simple and ingenious solution to the universal problem of OVERLOAD .We will show you how to Throw The Switch Boosting attention, focus and working memory and we will introduce you to the ideas of Pestalozzi. The pioneering teacher and reformer who had a profound transformative impact on a teenage Einstein .

All we ask for is just one hour of your time. In return we will share effective and practical drug free evergreen actionable strategies that have stood the test of time.

An introduction to  Pestalozzi the man who taught Einstein    .  Memory  Tricks  . Time Management . Examination Strategy . Organisation.  Note taking  .